About Book of Fates

Book of Fates is a fantasy series which we're publishing week by week with an incorporated voting mechanic that guides the story forward. But more importantly, it is our way of challenging the image of a solitary writer. Instead of waiting for a finished novel, we invite our readers to share in the transcendental experience of playing god.


This project would not exist without our readers joining us in breaking the rules of storytelling and publishing. We’re writing this story against all known publishing methods, out in the open, each week reacting to the audience’s choices, sharing their anxieties, rooting for mischief, and celebrating victories. 


This project is a collaboration and a dialogue, and while you wait for your favorite fantasy writer to finish the next thousand-page novel, you’re welcome to hang out with us.

The duties of a Fate

Welcome to Book of Fates. I am your Songmaster, your Tale Hunter and Story Spinner. Your most humble narrator. For those new to this grave game of life and death, allow me to explain:


The duties of a Fate are fourfold.


The first and most critical duty of a Fate is: to follow each installment of the story and vote for what happens next.
As a Fate, your smallest kindness and petty whims change the course of our hero’s adventure.


The second duty of a Fate is: to know that influence can be bought. In Patreon. You know what to do. Your Humble Narrator — divine as he is — hasn’t escaped the necessity of making a living. Survival requires an element of trickery. So stab me.


The third duty of a Fate is: to subscribe to the newsletter so I can summon you back when the story resumes. There will be intermissions when you may wish to step out for a drink, a breath of fresh air after a decision fraught with conflicting emotions, or a dental appointment. However, the story requires Fates to continue. It needs you.


And the fourth and final duty is: to mingle with your fellow Fates. If this is your first time participating, join the Book of Fates Discord channel to converse with others of your kind. This is your chance to see behind the veil of an ongoing story. Take it. 

About the Authors

We call ourselves S. K. Saaremael. ‘S’ stands for Silver and ‘K’ stands for Kaya. Originally from the cold lands of Finland, we’re a two-person team living on the coast of Portugal, and while not writing and drawing, we moonlight as a married couple. Together we create stories, geek out about sci-fi and fantasy, and plot world domination.

Our previous work includes games industry work on games such as Ryse, a webcomic called Run Freak Run, and artist interviews on the Weekend Warriors podcast. 

Our partner in crime and editor extraordinaire is H.T. Brady, who makes us look good and who asks us uncomfortable questions that nonetheless need answering. She’s a book coach, the author behind the magical Arcana-series, and a long-time compatriot from the games industry.

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