Book of Fates concept art #3

Most sketches don't win the battle royale that is early ideation. On Book of Fates only one will survive each week. If the abandoned ones are good enough, they're shelved with the vague notion that maybe they can be cannibalized for something in the future. This rarely happens though, because sketches are fun to make and rendering them is not, so who in their right mind would forgo the joyful bits of creating an illustration? But that doesn't mean that on rare occasions they shouldn't get to see the light of day. That's what blogs are for, aren't they?

If you've seen chapter 3, then you know that the first sketch was our pick of the week. Check out the final illustration in chapter 3.

And if the mandatory sketching wasn't enough, Silver spent part of his Sunday painting some more scenes that, frankly, look like Wes Anderson interpretations of Book of Fates and I thoroughly approve of them.



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