Book of Fates inspirations - Botany

Book of Fates is essentially a combination of two things: Silver pouring his love of the Portuguese coastal landscapes into a story idea and my fixation on plants and botany.

We needed a danger posed by the continent of Ferax (Latin for fertile). Monsters? Sure, but what kind? Maybe a post-apocalyptic desolation? A wasteland? A curse? What's the most fundamental and universal adversarial setup? Man vs nature, right?

Plant curse.

Don't think the brainstorm went as smoothly as that in reality. It took three or four months from Silver's initial idea for what was then called just Forgotten Shore to combining it with the Noxis curse and a month or two before we started releasing it. Although I have to admit this was one of our smoothest conception-to-release of a project to date.

Tangents aside, let me introduce you to the three parts that make up my plant obsession:

1. Houseplants

The current state of S.K. Saaremael office: books, plants, and knight paraphernalia.

2. Botanical drawings

The technical side of my brain gets a huge kick from reading about plant morphology, researching species, and putting together diagrams. Awesome Botany, my neglected pet project (unfortunately it doesn't get much time allocated to it) serves as the scratch for that particular itch.

3. Botanical gardens

Botanical garden visits are Silver's gift to the crazy plant lady part of me. She appreciates it tremendously. We visited Estufa Fria in Lisbon for my birthday this year and shot a video with the wrong camera settings, so apologies for the 'corrupted' look:




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