Chapter 28 - Book of Fates

The Fates decided the knight will run from Dawn and go find Compie. See the results here.

I admit, dear Fates, that I too wonder what that devious box is up to. I feel that perhaps we aren’t the only ones with strings on our Eternal Knight. So, an excellent decision! The knight runs to find Compielet us see what the face of vengeance looks like!


Dawn, as if snapped out of a trance, moves quickly now. She’s on her feet, hands moving in circles, a vortex of air gathering around her.

Ren’s empty sockets meet her eyes. He doesn't see the expected fear or anger. She’s concerned.

The demon arm lunges at the elf, but Ren steps away with all he’s got and swings it against the wall. Brick and stone breaks and stucco crumbles around him, but the demon is finally quiet, stunned by the impact.

“Get out of here,” Ren orders Dawn, using his moment of mental clarity. “Go, Dawn. Now!”

The Eternal Knight pulls himself up and stumbles away from Dawn, the demon arm hanging limp at his side. With his right hand he feels around the edge of the armor, below his shoulder. For a moment, he misses his army of mushroom men. His fingers find something rough etched into the metal — Compie’s binding rune. Scratching it, a horrible jolt of pain pierces his soul in response, knocking the knight to his knees.

“Damn you, Compie,” he curses. The box must know how to undo this.

He doesn’t meet anyone on the way to Compie’s laboratory — the streets are clear of everyone but the bodies. No doubt his bloody handy-work made an impression on the townsfolk. For all Ren knows, there might not be any guards left in Last Haven.

The door to Compie’s house flies open under Ren’s heavy kick. The box looks up from a manuscript, surprised.

“Ren Londaar,” it exclaims, “What did you do to the beautiful arm I gave you? And where’s the orb?”

“This arm was a mistake,” says the knight. “You must undo it. The bloodlust — I can’t control it.”

“Yes, yes, I heard the screams. Are you telling me you started a massacre, but didn’t get the orb? I know you have no mind to speak of, but really… Nitanna is going to kill us both!”

“Nitanna is dead.”

“Oh?” The box stops for a moment, thinking. Then continues cheerfully, “Well, that solves that problem then. I can take one of the flying houses unopposed. Why, this worked out much better than I anticipated. What a brilliant pawn you have been! Good bye, Ren Londaar. It has been a pleasure indeed!”

Compie’s spindly legs carry it towards the door — as though to run out between the knight’s metal legs. Ren swings the oar down between himself and Compie, blocking the villain’s path.

“You will go nowhere before you help me remove this arm!” shouts the knight. Fury fills him and the burst of anger stirs the demon into consciousness once more. It starts waking up. Ren feels its mind pushing against his again, provoking his rage even more.

“Calm your metal tits,” Compie says, dancing back and forth, trying to get past the oar. “Let me by.”

“Remove the abyss-arm at once!” demands Ren.

The box stops, moving back to eye the knight with some satisfaction: “That’s not how soul magic works, pawn. Your souls are fused. If I remove it, it will damage that flimsy soul of yours.” The box begins to caper. “You could have asked about that before you agreed, you know. A smarter pawn would have. Ah, revenge for my master is sweet. The best thing you can do is stop fighting change and get used to the new you. I’m surprised, frankly, that it’s taken this long.”

“The new me?” The Eternal Knight booms. “I don’t even know who the old me was. I’m losing my mind to this — this THING! Now because of you I am a MURDERER.”

Compie scrambles backward, and then leaps up onto the desk, ready to flee in any direction. “You were a murderer before this! You killed my beautiful Master Turcifa! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!”

The knight’s rage floods his soul and unleashes the demon inside him.

“Eat, eat, eat!” The demon screeches.

“Yes,” the knight thinks, “We will destroy everything that causes pain. Eat!” The demon surges at Compie, its abyssal jaws wide. A satisfying crunch of metal marks Compie’s end. Its two thin, long legs crumble to the floor lifeless, the rest of the box devoured.

“Sir prince knight!” A small voice interrupts him. ”Don’t let the demon take over again. Together we can defeat this thing. Just come back to us, please!”

The Eternal Knight turns slowly. How dare someone intervene and ruin this glorious moment of pure, violent revenge?

In the doorway stands the Handmaiden, her golden armor gleaming and her long thin sword ready in her hand. Behind her, peering around the enchanted metal, the elf girl looks determined to overcome her fear.

“Eat it, eat it, eat it!” The demon hisses. “Eat it all!”

This is getting rather out of hand, my dear Fates. I’m afraid possession limits our possibilities this time. Let’s see how far our magic can stretch… Oh. Oh dear...

Option 1: The Eternal Knight attacks Dawn.

Option 2: The Eternal Knight attacks Dawn.

Option 3: The Eternal Knight attacks Dawn.

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