Lisbon comic-con 2019 visit

It's been almost a decade since my (Silver) last visit to a comic-con. The last time was back in Helsinki, Finland and while a long time has passed, I remember fondly the halls crowded with geeks, cosplayers, and artists alleys. I watched passionate panels and of course browsed through the endless amount of merch that you just can't leave without. So I was a little bit nervous to go to the Lisbon comic-con this year as I was afraid my nostalgia wouldn't hold up - it couldn't possibly, right? Right?

Well, I'm glad to tell you that this year's Comic-con in Lisbon was even better than what I expected: I have never seen so many happy nerds in one place, going apeshit bananas about pop-culture. It really was a tribe of awesome enthusiasts. Even though the day was hot enough to boil your brain, the mood of the event was off the roof. My favorite cosplays were from Lord of the Rings, Critical Role, and Star Wars, and I couldn't get enough of the artist alley that reminded me of a fantasy bazaar with all its colorful adventurers and hustling merchants.

You know you're going to have a good time when Gandalf shows up.

This was Kaya's first comic con ever. She will be coming back.

Critical Role represented!

There's a story here.

I can't express how much I admire the tenacity of all the Star Wars cosplayers in those heavy suits. The sun was hot enough to melt you, but they kept up a great show through it all.

I've never seen so many plushies in one place.

Get your magic trinkets here!

The attendants came from all paths of geekdom. I was positively surprised how popular anime and manga is in Portugal.

You had to be lvl 50+ to access this epic shopkeep.

While extremely fun, it's also exhausting to have to fight your way through the mass of nerds.

The best places to recover were the sides of the halls that were protected by a shade. A good place to relax, and just take it all in.

I wish I'd taken more photos, but I was kind of overwhelmed by trying to see everything. Let's try next year again with bit more photos of us too.

- Silver


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