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This is a list to thank the special supporters who have helped us along the way. Our community is our most important support and we couldn't do Book of Fates without you.

  1. H.T Brady - Editor and best friend extraordinaire

  2. Vera Golosova - Patron and a bff

  3. Sarah Sholar and Brandon Parker - Patrons and dear friends :)

  4. Michael - Patron

  5. Karen Espenshade - Patron, a discord friend, and a book club member

  6. Sarah Hirsch - Patron

  7. Allen - Patron

  8. Zosia Turalska - Patron and a discord friend!

  9. Notorious V.I.G - Patron, a discord friend, and a typo reporter!

  10. Jen Thomas - Patron and a discord friend!

  11. Jakob Barrett - Patreon supporter and a friend through many, many years!

  12. Thomas Hillion - Patreon supporter!

  13. Laura Henry - Patreon supporter

  14. Heikki P. - Patreon supporter/fellow Finn!

  15. Holger Schulz - Patron, friend, and supporter of many years!

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